Assay Lab Structural portion of Pre Engineered Builing.

    Aurico Gold Matachewan Assay Lab

    Client: Aurico Gold

    Location: Matachewan, Ontario

Site preparation.

    Lakeshore Gold Scale Pad Fabrication and Installation

    Client: Lakeshore Gold

    Location: Timmins, Ontario

    SWM Contracting was contracted by Lakeshore Gold for the fabrication and installation of their on-site scale pad.  SWM was responsible for all steps of the project from site prep through to completion.

    William Day - Construction of New Shop

    Client: William Day

    Location: Northern Ontario

    This project consisted of all Civil work, supply and erection of a Pre Engineered Behlen Building 50’ x 100’, the project was a turnkey project, the concrete floor had to be tapered to ensure all water, snow and ice that melted ran into the sump in the center.

    Eacom Saw Mill Rebuild

    Client: Eacom

    Location: Timmins

    Following the 2012 fire that destroyed the main sawmill building at the Eacom Timber McChesney sawmill in Timmins, SWM was contracted to Supply and Erect a number of key buildings:

    • Main Mill Building was 136’ x 63’
    • Log Sorter Building was 76’ x 52’
    • Sorter Stacker Building was 160’ x 32’
    • Debarker Building was 44’ x 15’

    After the fire SWM was contracted to Supply and Erect the following buildings, there was a tight deadline to meet, as well as had to work in and around Mill Machinery that was not being replaced, and coordinate the new machinery coming in.

    Small Log Debarker

    Client: Domtar - Timmins Sawmill

    Location: Timmins, Ontario

    Installation of wave feeder, modification of existing live deck, relocated and modified existing chain conveyors, installation of debarker, modified and relocated existing belt conveyors.

    Installation of Turbines and Generators

    Client: Alstom Power Hydro

    Location: Abitibi Consolidated - Iroquois Falls, Ontario

    In December 2004, we completed a 1-year $2 million dollar project focusing on the installation and testing of nine turbines, complete with generators. SWM was responsible for all labour, equipment, supervision, and field management for this project.

Flow Meter and Actuated Valve Header installation.

    Oxygen Line

    Client: Various Mining Companies

    Location: Northeastern Ontario

    Several hundred fittings i.e. 90deg, 45deg, tees etc. All of the piping and fittings were degreased for oxygen service in house re packaged and shipped to site for installation. Please see pictures below of the different lines in a couple locations.

Test caption abitibi 1

    Mill Bank Transformer Replacement Project

    Client: Abitibi Consolidated

    Location: Iroquois Falls, Ontario

    SWM was responsible for the fabrication and installation of a Millbank cable bridge, and associated steel work, concrete saw cutting, and civil work.

    Water Treatment Plant and Pumphouse (Montcalm Project)

    Client: AMEC - Falconbridge (Kidd Creek Division)

    Location: Montcalm Mine Site - Timmins, Ontario

    SWM was responsible for the supply, fabrication, and installation of the mechanical, piping and HVAC work.

    Ganotec Server Room Project

    Client: Ganotec

    Location: Northern Ontario

    SWM Contracting was hired to undertake all elements related to the construction of a Server Room for Ganotec's Operations and Maintenance building. This consisted erecting metal studs, dry walling, tape mud and paint, installing doors and flooring as well as plumbing, HVAC and electrical.

    Dryer Stack Replacement

    Client: Falconbridge (Kidd Creek Division)

    Location: Kidd Creek Met Site - Timmins, Ontario

    SWM Timmins had to comply with a project schedule requiring the work to commence during the smelter shutdown, and end nine days after the start date. The Dryer Stack Replacement Project consisted of the following:

    • Dismantling part of the stack. Shop fabricate, supply, inspect, test, and delivery and erection of the complete top part of the dryer stack.
    • Supply and install new top part of stack including new ladders, platforms, stainless steel top and strakers.
    • Shop paint total fabrication and touch-up field welds.
    • Test all welding.
    • Dismantle all existing Electrical, Instrumentation, and Piping components associated with the original stack to the cut elevation and reinstall as per the original design.
    • Locate and install sufficient lifting brackets, temporary connections and stiffening devices necessary to ship, lift and install the partial stack without damages to it or other installations.
    This project was successful for us and for the client, it was completed on schedule, with no accidents to report.

    Commercial renovation to Casey’s Restaurant

    Client: Casey's Restaurant

    Location: Timmins, ON

    SWM Contracting completely renovated both the interior and exterior of the Casey’s Restaurant in Timmins, Ontario.  The work included the development and construction of a completely new layout for the entire space. 

    Residential renovation to enable accessibility

    SWM Contracting renovated a single family dwelling in order to make it barrier free.  The project included interior renovations such as modifying the bathroom to make it completely wheelchair accessible along with exterior renovations including the design and construction of a wheelchair ramp.

WB 146 rubber tire backhoe available front bucket and forks.

    Rental Equipment

    SWM Contracting is pleased to offer rental equipment:

    • Trailers
    • Backhoe
    • Mobile Welding Unit
    • And more.

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